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Pro Anna!

LJ Community for Those in Favour of Anna
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for those in favour of Anna. Unite! Feel free to discuss or ask me about current and past comics. This is what I have instead of a message board, so I'm not expecting it to get too busy in here.

The Rules!

1) Put all pictures under a cut.
2) Keep on-topic.
3) Be polite to fellow members, please.
4) No bashing of other comics.

More rules as I think of them (or as problems arise) will be added later.

The Webcomic List

About the Author

Megan Simko lives in Edmonton, AB. She is a full-time student and hopes to eventually become a web designer. She's a pessimist who likes black humour. She was crazy, but is currently just weird. This interferes with production of the comic (or so she says). Her comic was published in the Gateway at the University of Alberta despite the fact that she has never attended the school (shh).

Megan wonders if she'll ever get back to drawing comics again. She sure hopes so.

You can see Megan's Deviant Art page here.